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RMDM - clinic for adults and children, in line with international standards, harmoniously combining the best national traditions with the latest Western technologies.

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In our work, we are ready to combine the highest quality of care with a decent level of service.

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The quality of medical care at a fair price.

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Each of our doctors - an expert in their field, each has a wealth of practical experience and in-depth theoretical knowledge, everyone is constantly working to improve their level.

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To make an appointment at RDM - just call us +99412 5309029 or fill out the form on our website.

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You can see your lab tests results, when they are ready, in the form posted below by entering a special code in it. this code is indicated on your analysis order form.

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Respublika Diagnostika Merkezi ophthalmologist Dr.Khalil Huseynov detailed answers the question in the video
The question is answered by general surgeon of the Republican Medical Diagnostic Center - Dr.Emin Amiraslanov.
The question is answered by urologist of Republican Medical Diagnostic Center - Dr. Araz Huseynov
The question is answered by gynecologist-endocrinologist of the Republican Diagnostic Center - Nabiyeva Parvin


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