About RDM

Modern multidisciplinary medical center RDC

Mission: RMDM – Guaranty of Robust Life.

Vision: RMDM – Medical center for adults and children harmoniously combining international standards, the best national traditions and the latest Western technologies.

Our center provides the best care to every patient through integrated clinical education and practice.

Core values of the RMDM’s philosophy:

* Patient safety

* Professionalism

* Pioneering services

* Social responsibility


RDM is one of the best multidiscipline medical centers and clinics in Baku. Being at the same time one of the best private hospitals in Baku this laboratorial and diagnostic center   is perfectly equipped with the most modern facilities. RDM offers the residents and guests of the capital to take advantage of medical services that meet the highest requirements and standards.  Whatever examination, analysis or procedures are needed for the patients of our clinic, we will manage them independently without applying to other medical centers and laboratories. Because the time factor is extremely important for successful treatment! Spacious and comfortable cabinets of our specialists, cozy and comfortable wards of our own in-patient department, outpatients' clinic, radiological department equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, modern laboratory certified with ISO 15189, secured territory and closed parking – all these are vast advantages of the clinic. But the most important factor that keeps our service on unreachable level from the most of the other medical centers in Baku is our specialists!

RDM has remarkable doctors! Our medical staff possesses splendid theoretical knowledge and richest practical experience obtained in Russia, Europe and USA. Our doctors are professionals each in his sphere. All of our specialists without any exclusion constantly develop their qualification here and abroad and for this reason they apply to the latest achievement of world medicine in their practice.

We respect your choice and will try our best to make you satisfied by choosing our medical center!

Why choose ?

about_mini_img High level of doctors’ and medical staff’s qualification – we involve only proved specialists that love their job. The doctors of highest categories, candidates and doctors of sciences, city’s key specialist being the high level practitioners work with us.
about_mini_img Comprehensive approach – one of our main features when we do not provide one-time consultations after which the patient is left on his own decision, we arrange comprehensive examination of patient by the appropriate specialists
about_mini_img Kind attitude – we are pleased to meet every patient. It is very important for us that each patient would feel comfortable in our center.